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Frequently Asked Questions

You can send us your support request from our customer service via the form below. Your request will be returned as soon as possible.

For your order to be approved, your payment transactions must be completed. You can order and pay on our website using the following payment methods:

  • Payment by credit/bank card;
  • Payment by credit/bank card;


You should write your order number in the description section when making a payment by money order/EFT. If you pay via ATM, we kindly ask you to send us the name of the customer in the order, the name of the bank from which the transfer was made, and the payment amount, after making the payment, to confirm the order. You can reach our account numbers from the table below: Our company title that should be written in the receiver part:

Tirim İnşaat Mimarlık ve Taah. A.Ş.


  • Paying at the door; It is not available in our system as it is not suitable for secure payment system.

Thanks to the 3D Secure service and the world's leading payment systems company Masterpass infrastructure, you can shop with peace of mind with our secure payment system.

In order to ensure the cardholder's card security for payments made by credit card over the Internet, banks cooperate with companies to provide 3D Secure service. For payments made with 3D Secure, a special 3D transaction screen offered by the bank is displayed on the bank and user screen, and a confirmation code is sent to the mobile phone of the credit card holder, or private information that is unknown to anyone other than the cardholder is requested. . In the payment transactions made in this way, the bank assumes all responsibility in any unfavorable situation.

Since we are an e-Invoice payer, invoices are sent to the e-mail address registered in the order within 3 working days after the product is delivered.
In cases where company information must be entered for the billing address, the address type must be selected as 'Corporate' at the 'add address' stage. For our individual customers, a name, surname, and identity number are required, while for corporate customers, you must specify the company title, tax office, and tax number.

The assembly of the products is offered in certain provinces and districts determined by and is out of the scope of the company. If the assembly of the products is requested, another contract may be concluded with in this regard, the terms and conditions of which will be determined separately.
Under no circumstances can a link be established between this Contract and the contract that can be signed separately regarding the assembly.

You can easily see the production and delivery process of the product from the 'My Orders' section by clicking on the 'My Account' section at the top right after logging in to our site. In order for you to easily track the products you ordered, when the product is on its way, the name and cargo tracking number of the contracted cargo company will be sent to the e-mail address and phone you specified when ordering.

Covered by warranty for 2 years.
The Warranty applies in any case that does not involve user error.

You can easily see the production and delivery process of the product from the 'My Orders' section by clicking on the 'My Account' section at the top right after logging in to our site.

  1. Before your invoice is issued, you can send us the new invoice information here and request a change.
  2. After the invoice is issued, an e-invoice is printed. The return section at the bottom of the invoice is filled. A petition requesting the cancellation of the invoice is written on a separate A4 paper. The sender is paid to the central address:
    Esentepe Mah. Kelebek St. Marmarakule A Block .. D:105 Kartal/İstanbul
  3. Şirket adına kesilen faturalarda iptal faturası düzenlenerek değişiklik sağlanabilir.

We start to prepare the product you ordered on the same day or the next day so that we can send it to you within the promised time. Therefore, if you give up on the product, you can submit your request here and change or cancel your order free of charge, within 3 working days at the latest from the date of order.

If the 3 days period has expired or your order has been prepared and shipped, the return process begins and cancellation requests made at the end of 3 days are considered free of charge.

The refund starts as follows:

  • The payment process for CANCELLATION OF ORDER starts within 7 working days from the moment you submit your request.
  • The return payment process for the return of the PRODUCT is initiated within 7 working days after the product reaches us.
  • While calculating the return fee for the orders realized within a campaign with a lower participation limit, if the remaining order amount does not meet the lower limit, the current campaign is deactivated and the refund is calculated according to the remaining amount.


Refund of payment by credit/bank card:

  • We make your return payment to the bank in one go.
  • In case of the return of goods and services purchased with a card, our customer cannot be paid in cash as per the contract made with the Bank. Payments made by credit card will be refunded to the same credit card.
  • It may take up to 14 working days to reflect the transaction to the card from the moment the credit card is refunded by us.



  • The fee is refunded to the bank account declared by our customer. If you have made the payment by wire transfer, you can send us your account information here so that we can refund your fee.

  • If it is noticed at the time of delivery that the product/products are defective, the product/products are returned by the SELLER as they were shipped and replaced with a new one without requesting an additional shipping cost from the BUYER within 14 days following this date.
  • If it is noticed that the product/products are defective after delivery, the BUYER informs the SELLER verbally or in writing through customer service. Following this notice, the product/products will be transported by the cargo company to be directed by the SELLER, and the received product/products will be evaluated by the SELLER. If it is considered that the product/products are defective, the product/products subject to the notification will be replaced with a new one without demanding an additional shipping cost within 30 working days following the date of return by the SELLER. Otherwise, the product/products will be returned to the
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