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In addition to good sound insulation, sens | acoustic elements optimize the acoustics in spaces, providing more peaceful and concentration-enhancing environments. We make space acoustics suitable for use by developing special acoustic solutions that optimize reverberation times, sound level differences, and speech intelligibility.

Space Acoustics

The effectiveness of sound absorbers depends on their location. The closer to the source of the sound, the more efficiently it attenuates the sound. Sound reverberation time (T) and noise absorption degree (w) are important parameters in terms of sound absorption. Reverberation times vary depending on the volume of the space, the geometry of the room, the surface features, and the furniture. The sound absorption degree is calculated according to the materials the sound encounters. Therefore, the choice of sound absorbing elements to be used depends on the needs of the customers, the use and geometry of the room, and the plan of the space.

Working Principle

sens | acoustic systems act as a broadband sound absorber, combining both building and room acoustics. The combined application of sound absorption and insulation provides economic freedom while also enabling creative freedom.


The materials and surfaces you choose are important to create the best indoor conditions. Room acoustics deals with the sound-absorbing properties of materials and their position in the room. Sound energy reaching the sound-absorbing surface is converted into other forms of energy and absorbed. High-quality sound absorbers reduce noise and improve the hearing quality of the room.


Reverberation time T: 60 dB reduction from the moment the sound pressure level is created

Absorption degree w: ratio of unreflected sound energy; full reflection aw = 0; full absorption: aw = 1

Acoustic Systems

sound absorbing partition wall
Wall mounted sound absorber
Free standing sound absorber
Sound absorber in ceiling
Glass acoustic wall

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