¨reveal your talents in a good acoustic environment¨

Absorber Panels

Sound absorption is the loss of sound energy as a result of the contact of sound waves with an absorbent material such as ceilings, walls, floors, and other objects in the environment. As a result, the sound is not reflected back to the space. Sound absorbing materials are used to create a suitable acoustic environment within a space by reducing the reverberation time.

Diffuser & Reflective Panels

Diffusers are used indoors to improve sound distortions such as reverberation. Since they do not eliminate sound energy, they make an excellent alternative and complement sound absorption. They are used to effectively reduce echoes and reflections.

Bass Traps

Bass traps are acoustic energy absorbers designed to dampen low frequency (DF) sound energy. They reduce low frequency (DF) resonances in their environment.

Mobile Acoustic Panels

Portable acoustic elements are designed to improve the acoustic environment quality in interior spaces such as offices, residences, studios.

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