Product Code: WAR.020.006

Surfing, where you can feel the ocean waves on solid wood, creates peaceful spaces with fresh and relaxing colors!


Why Use a Diffuser?

Diffuser panels disperse incoming sound waves into smaller, lower energy waves that are dispersed over a wide area.

These diffuse reflections create a homogeneous sound field distribution and a full, balanced acoustic response. This improves speech intelligibility, music quality, and creates a smoother, larger sweet spot.

Purpose of Usage:

  • Enlargement of the “Sweet Spot” high-quality listening zone,
  • Specular reflection control,
  • Controlling “Flutter echo” caused by flat surfaces
Acoustic Type

Diffusive / Reflective

Sound Absorption Range

630 Hz – 5000 Hz

Recommended Uses

Home Studio, Home Theater, Recording Studio, Restaurant / Cafe, Vocal Booth

Purpose of Usage

"Sweet Spot" high-quality listening zone magnification, Control of "Flutter echo" phenomenon caused by flat surfaces, Specular reflection control

Used Materials

Solid Wood

Product Line Dimensions

1216x1671x60 mm

Surfaces / Colors

Pantone 316 C, Pantone 323 C, Pantone 5455 C, Pantone 5463 C, Pantone 547 C, Pantone 635 C, Pantone 7457 C, Pantone 7541 C, Pantone 7543 C, Pantone 7544 C, Pantone 7545 C, Pantone 7547 C, Pantone 7713 C

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