– Hi-Fi Listening Room
    – Media Room
    – Vocal Booth
    – Recording Studio
    – Home Studio
    – Home Cinema
    – Living Room
    – Restaurant / Cafe

    Each product is self-adhesive.

    Type: Absorber
    Sound Absorption Range: 315 Hz – 8000 Hz
    Acoustic Class: B | (aw) = 0,80

    250x250x30 mm
    250x500x30 mm
    500x500x30 mm

    Weight: 200gr
    Purpose of Usage:

    – High-frequency absorption
    – Reverberation time reduction
    – Reduction of excessive reverberation

    – RT reduction
    – Flutter echo control
    – Reduction of excessive reverberation
    – Improving speech intelligibility

    Acoustic is always known for music nowadays. This type of music, which is very popular, shows a different effect in each song. For example, when you listen to a song that you know very well, with an acoustic and low volume, every state of the song sounds different.


    Acoustics, which is originally a part of wave physics, is the name given to the way sound is heard and dispersed in an enclosed space, and to study it. It examines the propagation of flexible longitudinal vibrations that create the sense of sound in the ear and the vibrations of the objects that create these vibrations.

    When designing a space, it is very important to build an acoustic environment that serves its intended function while meeting living needs. Therefore, the right elements should be used for the right acoustic environment.

    Surfaces / Colors

    Black, Blue, Coffee, Green, Grey, Orange

    Product Line Dimensions

    250x250x30 mm, 250x500x30 mm, 500x500x30 mm

    Product Weight

    200 gr

    Acoustic Class

    B | (αw) = 0,80

    Acoustic Type


    Purpose of Usage

    High frequency absorption

    Recommended Uses

    Home Studio, Home Theater, Recording Studio, Restaurant / Cafe, Vocal Booth

    Used Materials

    Acoustic Felt Fabric, Aluminium Frame, Calibrated Cell Acoustic Foam

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