Globe Chair


Product Code: WAR.020.019

Inspired by a spherical form, Globe Chair takes its power from naturalness!


What is Parametric?

Thanks to technological developments, we can call all the designs guided by certain parameters parametric design. The designs that reflect the algorithmic thought process to the user include an endless world. It is a method frequently used by designers in recent years. As Sens, we invite you to this unique design world.

Design Process

Through geometric and algorithmic relations, it creates a bridge between traditional architectural production and new technological possibilities.

Surfaces / Colors

Natural Birch Veneer Matte Polished

Recommended Uses

Business Centers, Common Areas, Hotel, Living Spaces, Restaurant / Cafe, Shopping Mall, Special Projects

Used Materials

Birch, MDF Lacquer

Purpose of Usage


Product Line Dimensions

1038x795x1000 mm

Product Weight
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