Flow, which belongs to the Sens art | pixel series, is a design formed by the combination of solid wood pieces in fluid colors. It helps you revive the place’s atmosphere by adapting easily to every space with its different color options.

We designed pixel | flow for you so that you can have a colorful day with fluid colors! You can examine our collection of different color tones.


    Why Use a Diffuser?

    Diffusers, which distribute the sound waves in your environment, increase the clarity of the sound and reduce the echoes.

    In areas where they create a balanced acoustic response, they increase speech intelligibility and improve the music’s quality.

    Purpose of Usage:

    • Enlargement of the “Sweet Spot” high-quality listening zone,
    • Specular reflection control,
    • Controlling “Flutter echo” caused by flat surfaces
    Acoustic Type

    Diffusive / Reflective

    Sound Absorption Range

    630 Hz – 5000 Hz

    Purpose of Usage

    "Sweet Spot" high-quality listening zone magnification, Control of "Flutter echo" phenomenon caused by flat surfaces, Specular reflection control

    Recommended Uses

    Home Studio, Home Theater, Recording Studio, Restaurant / Cafe, Vocal Booth

    Used Materials

    Solid Wood

    Product Line Dimensions

    1216x760x60 mm

    Product Weight
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